Digital Platform

Dkiru is a global architect, market partner and integrator of the proprietary digital platform developed in partnership with Upcode Ltd. ( More than 100 in-house developers are ready to implement client business requirements to complement the existing platform features.

Our solution consists of the front-end application that is loaded on a smartphone (IOS and Android compatible) and a back-end "admin" module. The user - a shop employee - receives & reports trade management information & tasks through his or her mobile device. The application is completely customized based on the user profile and can be syndicated to many organizations without jeopardizing confidentiality and data security.

Unique platform features

  • A feature-rich independent solution that can be used by any user “As-is” or integrated with other applications.

  • Independent group or individual design of functions and UX.

  • Syndicate platform – independent and secure administration of multiple categories & companies for the consolidated end-user experience.

  • Encrypted rich-data capturing & transmission, multiple levels of authentication.