By applying a proprietary digital platform, mobile smartphones and existing shop staff we significantly reduce the need for Consumer Packaged Goods companies to conduct store visits - whether employing own or outsourced field force.

Based on global industry research, over 30% of the productive field sales agent time is wasted on driving and parking while costs of employing staff are on the rise everywhere. Moreover, a typical frequency of trade visits is about once a month meaning that the rest of the time you really don't know what is happening and how the retailer takes care of your products on the shop floor.

Instead of sending a person to fulfill typical trade management tasks we reward shop staff to do this. Operational and cost efficiency of our digitally-enabled services result in cost reduction and higher level of control & quality through increased frequency of interactions and better engaged sales employees within the trade network. Consequently, this generates higher sales.


  • Auditing placement & availability of products at shops

  • Controlling fulfillment of contractual terms

  • Collecting retail & shopper data


  • Distribution of personalized business & brand feature training for shop staff

  • Informing shop personnel on daily tasks, promotional activities & relevant industry development.

We onboard every new client as a unique case and take a risk-managed staged approach to every launch. Please press the respective buttons to learn more about our technology, operating model and deployment.