About You

You are a medium or large company running a complex business structure, with many employees and a significant trade and distribution network – owned or procured from a third party.

You are an owner of a major local or international consumer brand that competes with other market entrants.

You strive to be closer to your customer in order not to fall behind competition.

You would like shop sales personnel to be your brand ambassadors who are engaged and passionate about your products, not just provide the “handing-out”.

You seek tighter control of your trade and business operations, how your products are being cared for and displayed on the shelves, how your services are delivered, and staff trained to secure successful sales and happy customers.

You are challenged to ensure that your staff are trained to work according to your company standards at all times across your business operations.

You face lots of back-office administrative tasks (e.g. trade contract management, employee training) that create massive work and need to be delivered with maximum efficiency. 

You experience continuous stakeholder pressure to optimize your operating cost base in the context of an ever-present margin pressure.

You have a culture of engaging with lean & innovative business partners that can deliver services with quality and agility.

If any of this applies to you Dkiru is a partner that can help you overcome these challenges. learn more about the major trends in the consumer packaged goods industry