Dkiru digital solutions can be applied broadly across many industries but up until now we have specialized in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). We focus on the situations with large field force operations and inadequate controls that require cumbersome management processes. Through its propositions, Dkiru helps automate and eliminate inefficiencies, create better employee and customer engagement and unlock new profit.

Industry Trends

Diminishing trade loyalty and respect

Using digital channels trade can find information much faster and richer than is brought directly by the suppliers. Also, chats and forums taking place in social networks form opinions that are more trustworthy than those of ‘industry experts’.  Manufacturers need to personalize messages and deliver them directly to mobile devices.

Personal recommendations supersede advertising

Retailers play more and more significant role in advocating one product over the others, especially in the markets with pricing changes, private label growth or imposed new marketing restrictions. Continuous education and tailored loyalty campaigns create a true difference in brand awareness and top-of-mind recommendations.

Growing cost of headcounts & trade allowances

Inflation, taxation and competition have increased the cost of business in nearly all markets globally. New solutions to ensure business fundamentals and execution control must be explored.

Dkiru is your partner to:

  • Increase customer and consumer engagement, turn shop personnel into brand ambassadors

  • Optimize headcount cost, allowances and operational expenses

  • produce sales and revenue growth

  • generate alternative revenue streams from cross-industry initiatives