dkiru approach

Focus industries

Dkiru can be applied broadly across many industries but we focus on the situations with a large number of internal and external customers and heavy business structures that usually require cumbersome management processes. Through its propositions, Dkiru helps automate and eliminate these inefficiencies, create better employee and customer engagement and unlock new profit sources.

Below are the key global characteristics and trends of the industries where significant business transformation is needed and Dkiru can contribute significant value.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) 

  • Diminishing trade loyalty and respect

Using digital channels trade can find information much faster and richer than is brought directly by the suppliers. Also, chats and forums taking place in social networks form the opinions that are more trustworthy than those of ‘industry experts’.  Manufacturers need to personalize messages and deliver them directly to mobile devices.

  • Personal recommendation supersede advertising

Retailers play more and more significant role in advocating one product over the others, especially in the markets with pricing changes, private label growth or imposed new marketing restrictions. Continuous education and tailored loyalty campaigns create a true difference in brand awareness and top-of-mind recommendations.

  • Growing cost of headcounts & trade allowances

Inflation, taxation and competition have increased the cost of business in nearly all markets globally. New solutions to ensure business fundamentals and execution control must be explored.

Dkiru is your partner to:

  • Increase customer and consumer engagement

  • Optimize headcount cost, allowances and operational expenses

  • Generate alternative revenue stream from cross-industry initiatives


  • Diminishing customer revenues, usage of cellular networks & voice services. Growth of IOT

The telecomms sector is undergoing profound change, particularly in terms of consumer demand and technology. It is globally affected by diminishing ARPU and revenues from traditional voice & messaging services. Offerings that previously utilized cellular network are being replaced by mobile applications running on data while explosive growth of IOT is increasing the need of capital expenditure for platforms that need to support incredibly high levels of connectivity.

  • New sources of revenue and Industry Digitalization

Telco operators must find ways to generate additional revenues - to develop new service lines providing branded content, financial services, collaborating with companies driving the IOT phenomenon, selling “Industry Digitalization” solutions for lifestyle services or business improvement.

  • Cost reduction and managed services

Industry players must take measures to reduce costs and optimize business operations. Using managed services can help operators achieve cost efficiency and improve quality of the services provided to mobile subscribers. Controlled task distribution, automated data collection, outsourced monitoring of transmission equipment and retail outlets reduce cost and increase speed of execution resulting ultimately into higher client satisfaction and revenues.

DKIRU is your partner to address:

  • Operation optimization through vertical process integration, rich-data and information management, real-time activity control

  • Building-up ‘Industry Digitalization’ services to consumer-packaged goods, pharma and other industries

Public administration. Smart city focus

  • Citizen engagement

Cities are now struggling to bring back the sense of belonging to their citizens. Often a City will begin their Smart City Initiatives with large infrastructure projects such as smart lighting, smart water meters, security, etc. but many of these programs have no direct impact on local citizens, visitors, neither they help local businesses. Directly engaging citizens with information programs and helping local businesses grow through smart programs have shown to have positive impacts.

  • Technology and data to improve life

A Smart City utilizes innovative technologies not just to offer services that improve quality of life, but also to gather and integrate data on all the different aspects of the urban environment: traffic flows, energy and water consumption, speed and positioning of public transportation, emergency calls, and much more. Using predictive analytics and data science, this information can be used to better lives in the city.

  • Design and usage

The challenge is not technology per se, but how to design and use technology for the real benefit of citizen well-being.

DKIRU is your partner to:

  • Link people & communities in an engaging way

  • Improve quality of life for everyone in the city

  • Support local businesses & organizations