The roots of our business trace back to 2009 when the concept of remotely engaging people using mobile smartphones to fulfill certain tasks came about. The initial idea went through numerous process and technical developments and was ultimately tested and implemented with a leading CPG company - first in a single market and subsequently in more than 30 global locations.

Dkiru Limited was incorporated in 2017 to capitalize on the accumulated experience.

why dkiru?

  • Proven experience & result delivery. Extensive hands-on business experience and results achieved in the past years enable us to quickly grasp client needs, identify optimization opportunities and execute on real efficiency gains thus creating tangible advantage for our clients in the market. We do not stop at consulting and platform integration – we engage in operational delivery and stand behind the results.

  • Complexity made simple. To execute on business changes faster and with minimum costs, companies need to learn and submerge into variety of new non-core back-office activities, such as contact centers, digital content creation, logistics, programming, device management, etc. We apply Dkiru service suite to master such complexity.

  • Proprietary IT platform. Proven, stable, flexible and scalable solution that is easy to implement. A tool providing benefits to thousands of users every day.