We offer solutions to increase revenue and profitability by communicating directly with vendors and influencing their daily activities



DKIRU collects, distributes & fulfills trade management information & tasks applying proprietary digital platform, smartphones & controlled crowd-sourcing while reducing the need for physical store visits.

We utilize digital tools - IT platform and smartphones -  in combination with business consulting and back-office delivery services to optimize field force operations and create access to sales growth and new profit sources for consumer packaged goods companies.

Standard DKIRU digital engagement process

Physical visits of retail shops are replaced with lean remotely-managed processes that utilize existing shop staff while generating 30-70% operating time and cost efficiencies.

Ultimately, through digitally engagement and interactions with front line sales staff at the shops we help them learn about our client products and turn them into your brand ambassadors.

Dkiru is a combination of Digital and Dekiru ("I can" in Japanese). The key idea behind it: Digitally Possible.

Business outcomes (data from store samples >10,000)

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